Diana: The change in the royal protocol made by Elizabeth after her death

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It has been 24 years since Princess Diana lost in the car accident in Paris that cost not only her life, but also the life of her partner, businessman Dodi Al Fayette, as well as the driver of the car, Henri Paul. It was a crash that seemed to change the world as it also changed the British royal family forever.

While Diana had divorced Prince Charles a year before she died, in the hearts of the British she was still the eternal princess of England, often referred to as the “princess of the people”, and was adored by millions of people. Her death caused such shock and global emotion that after pressure even the Queen Elizabeth was forced to change the royal protocol in her honor.

When news of Diana’s death reached the royal family, her members were at Balmoral, the Scottish castle the family still visits in the summer when away from London and Buckingham Palace. The family decided to stay in Scotland so that William and Harry, Diana’s two youngest sons and Prince Charles, would mourn the loss of their mother away from the public eye, according to the list. com. However, the public demanded that more be done about the princess of his heart and things that had never been done before.

So while the royal family mourned the death of Princess Diana away from London and the public on the first day after the accident that cost her her life, British citizens mourned in a very public way, leaving thousands of flowers outside its gates. Buckingham Palace, thus expressing their love for the late princess.

However, one thing was missing from the palace – a flag. Traditionally, the Royal Flag flies outside Buckingham only when the monarch is present. With the Queen and her family missing at Balmoral, there was no flag at Buckingham. Soon, however, the queen began to feel pressure from the public for the flag of the monarchy to be flown at half-mast out of respect for Diana.

While the Queen did not completely violate the protocol, set a new tradition when he agreed to fly the Union flag at Buckingham Palace on the day of Diana’s funeral. The monarch was not there as she attended the funeral, but a flag was outside the palace to honor the late princess.

Since then, the Royal Flag has flown at Buckingham Palace whenever the Queen is there, but when she is not, she is replaced by the Union Flag, the same one that fluttered for Diana shortly after her unexpected and tragic death.

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