DIAS: 150% increase in online money transfers between individuals

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By Leonidas Stergiou

More than 320 billion euros, ie twice the country’s GDP, will pass through the national body clearing transactions DIAS in 2021, according to the CEO of the company Mrs. Stavroula Kambouridou. In contrast to 2020, when there was a marginal increase in the value of transactions, compared to 2019, in the first 10 months of 2021 there is an overall increase of 16%, with the betting, energy and telecommunications sectors standing out.

Particularly impressive is the increase in real-time transactions through the DIIS system of DIAS used by individuals. These transactions increase by 150% compared to last year. In IRIS ecommerce, ie in the online store payments with the press of the IRIS button, an increase of approximately 100% is recorded. “At the same time, we are seeing citizens, instead of queuing up to pay their electricity bill, scan the QR Code on the bill. The pandemic has helped a large number of people become familiar with the operation of the QR Code – a payment method. “In other areas, such as Asia, it is absolutely widespread,” said Ms. Kambouridou.

The Covid-19 pandemic did not affect payment activity. Revenues of the global payment industry will reach 1.5 trillion in 2020. dollars, exceeding the revenue of the global pharmaceutical industry in the same year. In 2030 it is expected to reach 3 trillion. dollars

The products created by DIAS in cooperation with the banks mainly concern the transfer of money from IBAN to IBAN, ie from bank account to bank account. The product that stood out this year is IRIS and has the following applications: money transfer between two individuals using mobile (only mobile phone number required) or payment to a professional / small business using VAT or mobile number or QR Code, and IRIS ecommerce for purchases from an online store at the touch of a button in the eshop.

“What we are trying to do, as a technology company and in collaboration with the ecosystem of our members, payment service providers, is to give citizens the tools to make their payments easily, promptly and securely and to exchange money so easily and intuitively how easy it is to send a WhatsApp message “, stressed Ms. Kambouridou, adding:” What we seek, from our side, is all utilities to add the QR Code to the accounts so that their customers pay with only one ” tap “through their mobile banking. With the use of technology, we have learned to do everything very quickly and easily and our vision is to bring the same experience in the field of payments. ”


Source From: Capital

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