Did Amber Heard uncover a technicality in the Johnny Depp trial?

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The story involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard shows no sign of dying out: complaints, counter-complaints, affirmations and twists that sometimes seem to go in different directions. Among these, for example, Heard’s utterances that she says her husband is a liar, but that she still loves him; then she claimed to be almost bankrupt, except to threaten a new lawsuit, with all the costs that this would entail.

The fact is that he does not give up in this battle. After her defeat in the (first?) Libel trial that she saw her opposed to her ex-husband and that she cost her a sentence of a $ 15 million in compensation (of which he will in fact pay about half that), his lawyers are now looking for a reason to question the jury’s verdict.

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Just a swornaccording to a document of which he gives notice Peoplewould be at the center of a new controversy: Heard’s lawyers, in fact, argue that one of the members of the jury was in fact the wrong person.

Juror number 15, specifically, who according to this new revelation in the six weeks of the trial would actually have been a different person from the one actually summoned by the judge to perform that function. The plaintiff’s lawyers point out that the right person should have been 77, while the one who took part in the trial, who has the same surname and address, was actually 52. ​​A possible case of homonymyin short, what would have meant that there was an exchange of person?

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The request of Amber Heard’s lawyers is accordingly that of declare the process null and void and to proceed with a new one; request that in fact follows by only one week the position according to which the verdict that condemns the actress of Aquaman for defamation would not be valid due to insufficient evidence. In a 43-page document, the lawyers essentially questioned the correlation between Heard’s article in which he cited an anonymous “wifey hitter” and the fact that Depp lost his role in the “Pirates of the Dead” saga. Caribbean ».

For now, there have been no statements from Johnny Depp, but presumably the reactions will not be long in coming.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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