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Did Erdogan ask Macron for Rafale? – What Turkish media reports

Effervescence in Turkey, as debate rages over alternatives to buy fighters, following US F-16 brake. Scenarios that after the Macron-Erdogan conversation reach the Rafale fighters.

According to the Turkish TRT, Erdogan asked Macron for cooperation in order for Turkey to procure the anti-aircraft SAMPT and at the same time have access to the know-how of the system that is being built by an Italian-French consortium.

However, according to Turkish media, the Turkish president did not stop there, but also requested the supply of Rafale fighter jets in the event that the supply of F-16s from the US is not approved.

In particular, as reported by the Open television station, retired officers told Turkish media that the Turkish president did not discuss Saturday night with his French counterpart only about the anti-aircraft system, but also about the supply of Rafale jets – which have been procured by Greece – if there is no positive outcome for the F-16s it has requested from the US.

Turkish media did not report Macron’s reaction to Erdogan’s request.

Source: TheTOC.gr

Source: Capital

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