Did Meghan Markle bully her staff? We will never know

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In the years Meghan Markle has earned a reputation for not being an easy person to work with, or rather a person under whose command it would be difficult to resist. The portrait that the press has made of her, thanks also to the testimonies of people who have worked with her, therefore not entirely the fruit of imagination or chatter, would pass Miranda Priestly for a trade unionist when compared to the Duchess, the coat thrown daily on Andrea’s desk as a thoughtful gesture of affection, and the request for the Harry Potter manuscript for a legitimate claim, almost easy to fulfill.

If the nickname they would have given Markle in the corridors of Kensington Palace at the time cannot have official confirmation, it seems in fact they called her Me-gain (I-earn) precisely to highlight with a play on words the ambition of the same and its consequent way of operating, it is certain instead that Jason Knaufformer public relations officer of the duchess, during the trial against the Mail on Sunday in his testimony at the stand, therefore under oath, he said that “three colleagues of the staff had been forced by the duchess to leave their jobs and his personal secretary lived under constant pressure. ‘

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As proof of the working environment with a not exactly serene climate, Robert Lacey in his book Battle of the brothers, would trace the management of personnel by Meghan Markle one of the main causes of the break between William and Harry. Lacey has indeed revealed that just Knauf in October 2018, when he was communications secretary for both Cambridge and Sussex, he sent an official email in which he claimed that Meghan was being bullying with the staff at the palace. The royal expert says that William, once he learned of the email and therefore of the inappropriate behavior of his sister-in-law, would have confronted his brother first by phone and then face to face, ending the furious quarrel with a “I don’t want you in my family anymore. ”Yelled right in the face of his younger brother.

Another irrefutable fact is that of the high number of staff members replaced in recent years by the Sussexes. In fact, over 10 members of their staff have been replaced, which is strange for people of their level, who tend to retain employees, if only for a matter of trust and protection of their privacy.

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Knauf’s statements were also joined by those of two former Sussex staff members that through the Times, in March 2021, accused the Duchess of bullyingand it seems that just because of these accusations, Queen Elizabeth would have privately hired a law firm to conduct an investigation regarding these allegations.

The news of these days that is causing a lot of talk is the Times himself to launch it: the results of the investigations will not be made public. The queen would have in fact decided that the results will be used by the crown to improve some aspects of the management of the staff, but the details of the investigation will remain secret, many say not to throw further fuel on the already burning relationship with the Sussexes.

However, what many are now wondering is whether this decision falls under the famous never explain, never complain or if it serves not to admit that just under the wing of his majesty someone would have dared to behave not consonant, read despotic, with the staff.

Source: Vanity Fair

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