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Did Snoop Dogg stop smoking? Understand confusion about the rapper’s decision

Rapper Snoop Dogg had stated, last Thursday (16), that he would stop smoking, however, the revelation was a hook for an advertisement for the company Solo Stove, about a type of electric fire that promises to work without the odor of the smoke. (See video below).

Both in this Monday’s publication (20) and in the previous one, the musician says “I’m giving up smoke”. The word “smoke”, in English, is used for both smoking and smoke. In this way, the singer used double meaning to advertise.

In Portuguese, the phrase can be translated as “I’m stopping smoking” or “I’m stopping smoking”

“I have an announcement: I’m going to stop smoking (or I’m going to stop smoking). I know what you’re thinking: ‘Snoop, but that’s your thing.’ But I stopped. I’m tired of the odor on my clothes. Now I’m going to run out of smoke. Solotove takes away the smell. Smart,” he says in the video.

The publication on Thursday (16) quickly went viral, with more than four million likes and 173 thousand comments. Many users even supported the artist’s decision, who has always declared himself a defender of marijuana. Others lamented the “end of an era”.

“Congratulations, it’s about time,” commented one follower. “I always knew you were a smart guy,” wrote another. “You can not do that. You are our teacher,” said another. “What are you going to sing about now?” asked another fan.

Source: CNN Brasil

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