Did you remove the implants? Network users claim that Kim Kardashian’s body changed

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It is no news to anyone that for years, Kim Kardashian’s body has become one of the figures with a narrow waist, prominent chest and voluminous butt that every girl wants to have. Although much has been speculated that her silhouette and appearance is due to her recurring visits to the surgeon, on more than one occasion, the model and businesswoman has denied that theory and admitted that she only had Botox injected once.

However, it seems that the voluptuous figure that the 41-year-old American artist had worn for years was left behind, since everything indicates that she is ready to start a new stage in her life and that includes a remarkable transformation in her body. Recently, Ella Kim appeared on a TV show where she looked slimmer and fans speculated that she had her breast implants removed.

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Kim Kardashian on the show with James Corden

On September 15, Kim Kardashian was invited to the program The Late Late Show with James Corden, an appearance in which the socialite surprised her fans and viewers by wearing a less prominent appearance than in her previous presentation on the same program, but in 2017.

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The physical change of the owner of SKIMS that stood out the most in the eyes of her fans It was the notorious transformation in her chest, which sparked a debate on social networks where users assured that Kim entered the operating room but not to increase her breasts, but to reduce them.

comparative image of Kim Kardashian in the program of The Late Late

It should be remembered that in her appearance at the Met Gala 2022, the 41-year-old socialite assured that she had to lose several kilos in a few weeks to be able to enter and wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress in the best way, one of the reasons that is speculated may be the reason for its radical change.

From comments like “I think she removed the implants, she didn’t look like this before”, “Is it just me or do her breasts look smaller?” to “What’s wrong with Kim? She no longer has breasts and she looks very thin ”, are among the most written by users in this debate on social networks.

Kim Kardashian posing in Marilyn Monroe's dress at the 2022 Met Gala

At the moment, the owner of SKIMS has not responded in this regard, it is only said that after the long and controversial legal fight to divorce Kanye West and dispute the joint custody of their four children, Kim has shown that she is looking to start a new facet in her life, in which she has shown off her new image, leaving aside that curvaceous silhouette and looking much thinner. Looks great!

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