Diego Abatantuono: “The thing I do best is not to laugh”

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Diego Abatantuono and Frank Matano for the first time together in a comedy. It is about A doctor’s night by Guido Chiesa, premiered at the Rome Film Fest (section Alice in the city) and from 28 October in cinemas.

Is a new comic couple born? The two actors hope so. “I can’t wait to shoot another film with Matano “, says Abatantuono, «Also because he has no defects, in his private life and professionally speaking. At least, I didn’t find them, ”the actor is convinced of Mediterraneo which is cooled with the usual portable mini fan. “We also have affinities, I see myself in him when I was his age.”

One flaw though Abatantuono eventually he pulls it out of the cylinder: «The volume of the laugh, but once calibrated I have nothing to say ». Also Matano after having told of a sort of Diego sensor that allows him to naturally identify the inauthenticity of a script, shoot the worst flaw of the national Abatantuono: «He can’t stand losing at FIFA. He does not accept defeat », he laughs in moderation.

In the play by Guido Chiesa the two played the night watchman Pierfrancesco Mai (Abatantuono) and the rider Mario (Matano). One night their lives accidentally cross each other. From that moment on, one will help the other, and we will find that the cynicism di Mai hides a still open wound, and that the insecurities Mario’s have to do with a father who never believed in him.

Frank Matano and Diego Abatantuono in A Doctor’s Night

Loris T. Zambelli

The two belong to generations of different comedians: Matano exploded on Youtube, Abatantuono is the son of the Milanese cabaret. Two distant worlds. “When a comedian explodes on Youtube I don’t notice it because I don’t frequent the platform”, explains Diego, “when I hear about a new comedian born on the web then I try to understand if that initial fuse made sense, as it did for Frank”.

«Luckily there is Youtube, argues Matano, “today there are no places or broadcasts where young comedians can get involved or confront each other”. «Everyone is looking for the gold nugget», continues Abatantuono, «di Checco Zalone, Benigni, Verdone or Troisi there are very few. Young people should be content with experience ».

Frank Matano in A Doctor’s Night

Loris T. Zambelli

Abatantuono would dive into the ring of LOL: Who laughs is out (Matano participated in the first season)? “They don’t propose it to me because I would win mathematically: the thing I do best is not to laugh», He says,« all those who have worked with me can guarantee it. I’ve been playing this game for 40 years on the set: the first one who laughs is an idiot! ».


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