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Diego Schoening says that Luis de Llano distracted them to hide his affair with Sasha

After Sasha Sokol publicly denounced the producer Luis de Llano on March 8, 2022 for moral damages after the relationship they had when she was a 14-year-old teenager and he, a 39-year-old adult and after filing a lawsuit against him , which the singer won, some of her Timbiriche colleagues spoke about it.

Through a brief interview, the members of the group, although they did not delve much into the answer, did show their support for the singer. Diego Schoening spoke of how they never realized the type of “relationship” that Luis de Llano had with his partner.

Timbiriche Band

According to his story, Diego Schoening never realized what was happening, because, in one way or another, the producer was looking for a way to distract the rest so that they would not realize what was happening.

There was never any abuse that touched me. He would turn our heads so as not to see, it was very strange that, suddenly, it was ‘Go to rehearsal!’, go to eat’, ‘get out of here’ and that we never really noticed anything.

Diego Shoening seated with medals at a table

In addition, the singer emphasized that he found out about the relationship between the producer and his partner a long time later, despite the fact that there were rumors about the alleged romance. However, he never paid attention because he was not aware of it.

I found out much later that she had left because of that. There were rumors, but they taught me like Santo Tomás: ‘Until you see, you don’t believe’.

Diego shoening comparative with sasha and luis de llano

On the other hand, one of the singers who was questioned about it was Erik Rubín, but he preferred not to comment, while Mariana Garza, without issuing any judgment, did celebrate the fact that Sasha had won the lawsuit and emphasized that the This experience can be useful to many young women, inviting them not to remain silent if they experience a similar situation.

Source: Okchicas

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