Digital Services End Red Tape – Business Profits

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“Time is money”, says the well-known saying, and undoubtedly for businesses, time is one of the most valuable “capitals” for their operation.

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So, when they manage to save valuable time and allocate it to productive areas, they automatically win.

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In Greece for the last three years, businesses have had an “ally” in this the digital services of and not only.

Bureaucracy and time-consuming procedures were one of the key issues faced by entrepreneurs and workers, however, it seems that these have now passed into the realm of the past.

In particular, on the web portal there are 1,500 services that businesses can take advantage of so that they can quickly and easily do tasks that were particularly time-consuming in the past.

It has been calculated that each business saves more than 60 queues in public services per year and more than 60 hours (approx. 2.5 days) of net productive time.

The services that have been used more than any other by businesses are those related to responsible declarations, authorizations, digital document attestation, digital attestation of a private agreement, copies of criminal records and the consolidated certificate of judicial solvency.

Faster solutions are also provided in the tax sector, where businesses now use the digital services for MyData, for changes in activity (headquarters, KAD, branches), for tax requests and it goes without saying that they avoid the inconvenience of going to the DOU stores.

With this data, both time and human resources were lost to serve the needs of the business, which can now implement them digitally.

In the same way, the procedures now work faster for companies active in the field of construction.

The issuance of permits electronically through e-adeies and urban planning services through e-poleodomia and e-procurement have helped to save valuable time for businesses.

In addition, the electronic building identification system was established, where arbitrary etc. are declared, while environmental studies are now also submitted to the electronic register.

Finally, quite important for businesses was the step of the Ministry of Justice towards the era of speed!

The recently passed provision limiting adjournments (as one of the few exceptions with strict criteria) delivers justice faster and thus solves time-consuming cases for both individuals and businesses. The introduction of the pilot trial and out-of-court settlement also contribute to speeding up the delivery of justice.

Source: Capital

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