Diletta Leotta: «My private photos online? I thought my life was over “

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«My private photos online? I thought my life was over». Diletta Leotta guest of Good or bad spoke openly about a painful episode in 2016, when some photos in which she appeared naked were stolen from her pc and ended up in newspapers and websites. “I remember that moment very well,” said Dzan’s host. “A friend of mine told me that they were shooting my pictures, strange pictures, and I replied that they certainly weren’t mine, that it wasn’t me, thinking of photomontages ».

But when she saw the photos in question, her blood froze in her veins: «My friend he sent me the first photo and I felt a void inside, my breath stopped I think for more than ten minutes, I just couldn’t breathe. It was a tragic moment».

The presenter explained that she had been ill for a long time: “I thought that my life was over, that I would never leave the house again. I couldn’t stand the idea of ​​people looking at me. Even though I had clothes on, I felt naked. Those photos, in some I was still a minor, were photos that a girl takes with the naivety of seeing herself in front of a mirror after a shower. I had never sent them to anyone, they were inside my computer that was hacked ».

Diletta had talked about her intimate photos, a few years ago, too an interview with Corriere della Sera. Explaining: «Many years have passed, now it is something out of date. I hope that my experience can be of help to those who can run into such a thing. It’s a violation of your intimacy, it’s a pain that’s hard to explain, you have the feeling that you are going out on the street and that everyone sees you naked. These are things you do with the lightness of a 17/18 year old girl and then they become a real problem to face. When in doubt, me I’ve never taken pictures like this since».

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