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Dimand’s new investment in Maroussi

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Dimand is waiting for offers from four construction companies for the start of the implementation of the new investment in Marousi.

Dimand has undertaken the construction of an office complex with a total surface area of ​​11,000 sq.m. (22,500 sq.m. in total), consisting of twin buildings of 5,500 sq.m. each on behalf of PwC in an area of ​​11 acres on Kifissia Road. PwC will lease the entire complex for a period of 10 years, with the right to renew for an additional 10 years.

This is an investment of 50-55 million euros. The property is located in a privileged location, on Kifissias Avenue 65, in Maroussi, and is to be certified according to the international LEED and WELL standards as it will meet all sustainability requirements.

According to Dimand, given that the building has guaranteed rental income for at least 10 years, in the coming months, the search process for a buyer-investor will begin, as the company’s managing director Dimitris Andriopoulos stated “we do not wish to expand its activities in real estate sector. It’s not something we know and we don’t want to do.”

Regarding the amount of the rent, as mentioned by Mr. Andriopoulos, it will be slightly lower than recent transactions in the wider area.

Based on the agreement with PwC, the new offices should be delivered for use in early 2024 – the construction period is set at 18 months – while the services currently housed in three different buildings will be transferred.

The new building will enhance the hybrid employment model that the company already implements by creating a flexible, environmentally sustainable, innovative and exciting workplace that focuses on employee experience and empowering collaboration.

This experience is based on the diversity of the spaces (auditoriums, libraries, indoor and outdoor collaboration spaces, relaxation areas, etc.), the ability to switch their use according to the needs of the employees and the interaction between the teams.

The new offices also include specially configured, collaborative hosting spaces for clients, partners, as well as for educational institutions and research programs, etc., actively supporting the company’s strategy of providing high-quality holistic solutions.

The complex will consist of two four-level buildings facing each other, with a total area of ​​22,550 sq.m. and will have underground parking and other auxiliary spaces.

Uncovered green space is being developed between the buildings, which will function as a core of social and recreational activities, but also as a rest area for employees.

Source: Capital

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