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DIMEA: Fines amounting to 34,250 euros for commercial shop violations in Kos

The Interagency Market Control Unit (DIMEA), of the Ministry of Development and Investments, informs that in the period 06/30/2022 until 07/02/2022 DIMEA officials carried out checks in Kos.

In 27 checks carried out in commercial stores, 6,521 pieces of imitation clothing, accessories, toys, etc. were identified, confiscated and destroyed. with trademarks of large international companies and fines totaling €34,250 were imposed, of which three fines related to the rules of circulation and marketing where fines of €5,000 were imposed for lack of informational signs of the prices of the goods sold.

At the same time, 16 businesses (mainly fuel trading) were audited for unfair profiteering.

Inspections continue across the country.

Source: Capital

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