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Dinosaurs, aliens and the moon: what to see in February

February is going to be a very hot month for premieres on streaming services. Firstly, the third season of Star Trek: Picard, the fourth season of Carnival Row, as well as the 26th season of the cult animated series South Park will start. Secondly, Apple TV+ is preparing a lot of interesting premieres, including the drama about the plane crash “Dear Edward”, the retro-futuristic comedy “Hello Future!”, and the feature film “The Scammers” with Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan in the lead roles. There will also be many animation projects, including a Marvel project and the Anthology of Russian Horror. About these and many other worthy new streaming services later in the article.

The Ark

  • Platform: Syfi.
  • Release date: February 1st.
  • Release format: one episode per week (12 episodes).
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy.

Already on February 1, viewers will be able to appreciate the sci-fi drama from the Syfy TV channel. As far as is known, The Ark is not based on any particular work and is an original work. It was filmed by the seemingly unremarkable director Dean Devlin (apart from his collaboration with Roland Emmerich in the 90s) with little-known actors. The project is notable for its idea and the fact that the action develops in space. There aren’t many good sci-fi shows coming out these days. The story begins in the 22nd century, when a global catastrophe occurred on Earth. Mankind was forced to launch a space mission to colonize distant planets in order to ensure the survival of the species. During the flight of the ship “Ark 1” an emergency occurs. There is still more than a year before arriving at the target planet, and there will not be enough life support for the survival of the crew for this time.

“Nolly” (Nolly)

  • Platform: ITVX.
  • Release date: February 2.
  • Output format: all series at once (3 series).
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy.

Screenwriter Russell T. Davis and director Peter Hoare, best known for the award-winning It’s a Sin series, are back with a new project. It will be a three-part biographical mini-series about actress Noel Gordon for the British streaming service ITVX. Nolly was the star of the British soap opera Crossroads, which aired on ITV in the 1960s and 1980s. For almost two decades, she played the favorite character of the audience – Meg Mortimer, but literally at one moment she was expelled from the show for no reason or explanation. “Nolly” will tell about the extraordinary personality of an actress who refused to play by the rules and do what was expected of women at that time. The role of Nolly will be performed by one of the most eccentric actresses of our time, Helena Bonham Carter.

“Dear Edward” (Dear Edward)

  • Platform: Apple TV+.
  • Release date: February 3rd.
  • Release format: one episode per week (10 episodes).
  • Genre: drama.

Dear Edward is a new Apple TV+ drama series based on the novel of the same name by Anne Napolitano. The book, in turn, was based on a real tragedy that occurred on May 12, 2010. Then the Airbus A330 airliner of Afriqiyah Airways crashed. The entire crew and one hundred and three passengers died, and only a nine-year-old boy managed to survive. In the series, as in the book, we will talk about the life of a twelve-year-old boy, Edward, after he was the only survivor after a plane crash. All his relatives died and life, obviously, was divided into “before” and “after”. Now he will have to start life over again, only occasionally remembering the period when he was really happy. Also, the audience is promised to lift the veil of secrecy, how the boy managed to survive in that terrible disaster.

“My Dad the Bounty Hunter”

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: February 9th.
  • Output format: all series at once (10 series).
  • Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy.

Teenagers will also have something to do in February. Already at the beginning of the month, a ten-episode animated series about an intergalactic bounty hunter will be released on Netflix. Two of his children were not even aware of what he does for a living. Once they decided to secretly sneak into his work, and ended up in space. Thus began the adventures of two young children and one very puzzled father, who needs to catch at least a dozen bad guys in the near future. I wonder if Disney will sue the creators of the project? A bounty hunter with armor and a T-shaped helmet, with his own spaceship, must also protect the children during the mission. Doesn’t it remind you of anything?

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

  • Platform: Disney+.
  • Release date: February 11th.
  • Release format: two episodes per week (20 episodes).
  • Genre: Animation, Superhero, Adventure.

Disney will also have something to keep the kids entertained, because from February 11, the animated series based on Marvel comics “Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur” starts streaming. Thirteen-year-old Lunella Lafayette is a genius. One day, while performing yet another crazy experiment in her underground laboratory, she summons a huge tyrannosaurus rex from the past. Meanwhile, in New York, namely the Lower East Side, there is a surge in criminal activity. Lunella takes on the alias Moon Girl, makes herself a costume, tames a dinosaur and goes hunting for villains. Is it related to some part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Unclear.

“Red Composition”

  • Platform: more.tv
  • Release date: February 16th.
  • Output format: all series at once (6 series).
  • Genre: animation, horror.

“Anthology of Russian horror” – this project has such a subtitle. The series consists of six scary stories based on the works of Alexander Green (“The Pied Piper”), Alexei Tolstoy (“Ghoul Family”), Alexander Pushkin (“The Undertaker”) and so on. All of them are created by different directors from Russia, Korea, Great Britain, Japan and the USA in different animation styles. For example, Lubomir Arsov transferred the main characters of Vasily Zhukovsky’s The Forest Tsar from a mysterious fairytale forest to the gloomy world of cyberpunk, where the fear of losing one’s soul was replaced by the fear of losing one’s mind in the depths of virtual reality. This approach to retelling familiar stories in a different genre in 2019 worked great in the anthology Love. Death. Robots. Perhaps this time too, the presence of different people and different styles will be able to attract a wider audience to the project.

“Hello future!” (Hello Tomorrow!)

  • Platform: Apple TV+.
  • Release date: February 17th.
  • Release format: one episode per week (10 episodes).
  • Genre: drama, comedy.

The creator and director of the acclaimed TV series The End of the F***ing World, Jonathan Entwistle, is back with a new project. This time for Apple TV+. The action of the series “Hello, the future!” takes place in retrofuturistic America. The style of the 60s is intertwined with flying cars, nanoplates and so on. An almost perfect society lives in this world. Everyone has money, dogs are walked by robots, they go on trips with the help of radioactive backpacks, and the next step in the development of mankind may be the colonization of the moon. Charismatic entrepreneur Jack Billings, along with his team of assistant sales assistants, invites people to buy tickets for a flight to the Earth’s satellite right now. However, the longer people wait, the more questions arise. Isn’t this a hoax? Big ambitions and big money lead to big disasters. Billy Crudup, who won an Emmy award for his work on The Morning Show, played the lead role in the series.

“Swindlers” (Sharper)

  • Platform: Apple TV+.
  • Release date: February 17th.
  • Output format: film.
  • Genre: drama.

On February 10, the film by the independent company A24 “The Swindlers” will be released in limited cinemas, and on February 17 it will be available to watch on Apple TV+. It attracts with the cast: Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, John Lithgow and others. Fraudulent Madeline scams Manhattan millionaires by promising them love. Max is an adventurer who makes money on scams with cunning schemes of his own production. Tom wants to take revenge on his family for not accepting him and strip them of all wealth. One day their fates intertwine and the game begins with very high stakes.

“Communication” (Liaison)

  • Platform: Apple TV+.
  • Release date: February 24th.
  • Release format: one episode per week (6 episodes).
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller.

Another series from Apple TV +, which will be very difficult to pass by, if only because the main roles in it were played by Eva Green and Vincent Cassel. Unfortunately, at the moment there is neither a trailer nor any detailed information about this British-French project. It is known that the story will revolve around two lovers, whose lives will be constantly exposed to dangers. This is due to the past of both heroes, because they were participants in international espionage and political intrigues.

“Consultant” (The Consultant)

  • Platform: Amazon Prime Video.
  • Release date: February 24th.
  • Release format: one episode per week (8 episodes).
  • Genre: Thriller, Comedy.

Thriller with dark comedy elements starring Christoph Waltz. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Bentley Little. The previously successful company CompWare hit a black streak. Problems with finances and the image of the company require an immediate solution. That decision was a new business optimization consultant. Initially optimistic employees of the company begin to dislike the new employee, because they consider him strange, impudent and arrogant. Over time, the newcomer managed to acquire unprecedented power, begin to control the staff with the help of absurd rules, and even monitor every step of subordinates. The cruel consultant does not spare anyone, and everyone who gets in his way is immediately eliminated. This series focuses on relationships within the team and on what you can go to arrange your life and stay alive.

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