Diplomatic φα Climate Summit Blunder: Macron Cut Out for Putin to Speak

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A diplomatic blunder marked Washington’s climate summit when the French president’s videotaped message Emanuel Macron Was “cut” in the air for the president of Russia to speak Vladimir Putin, which appeared for a moment to be confused.

While Macron was talking about the importance of the fight against global warming, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken thanked him sharply, apparently without realizing that the French leader’s speech was not over, according to APE-MPE.

Shortly afterwards, the US foreign minister gave the floor to Putin, who was to speak live. An awkward moment ensued, with Putin showing that he was not sure it was his turn. But then he began his speech.

Blinken later re-posted Macron’s video, citing “technical difficulties” over the mistake and saying he wanted to “give the floor” to the French president. It is not clear what the problem was with the US Secretary of State.

That was not the only controversy at the summit: US Vice President Kamala Harris’ opening speech did not sound good at first. Shortly afterwards, when Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke, his microphone was turned off and his first statements were not heard.

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