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Diplomatic sources: N. Dendia’s visit to Switzerland

Diplomatic sources: N. Dendia’s visit to Switzerland

The visit of Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias to Switzerland, which was the first Greek Foreign Minister in the last 15 years, had particularly important results.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs gave a detailed briefing on the favorable investment environment in Greece and after acknowledging the already important role of Swiss investment activities in Greece (4th country in investment) discussed with his counterpart the prospect of strengthening Swiss investments in the country. us.

The Swiss side pointed out that the tourism sector could be one of the pillars of further economic cooperation as Greece is the destination of about half a million Swiss annually. Greece together with Spain are the most popular tourist destinations for the Swiss.

In the context of international developments, the two ministers discussed immigration in detail and agreed that its instrumentation by countries wishing to put pressure on the EU and European states in this way is absolutely reprehensible.

There was also a coincidence of views on the situation in the Western Balkans.

The mutual exchange of support for candidacies for the UN Security Council has been confirmed (Switzerland is claiming a non-permanent member position for 2023-24 and Greece a corresponding position for the period 2025-26)

There was a consensus on the issue of the application of International Law and UNCLOS, which Switzerland, although an enclosed state, has signed.


Source From: Capital