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Discover free and cool places to enjoy the World Cup with friends in São Paulo

Bars and outdoor spaces become the “stadiums” of the World Cup for fans who go to watch the Qatar games on television. In the biggest capital of the country, streets of famous neighborhoods are crowded during and after the matches of the most important soccer competition.

In São Paulo, every four years, Vila Madalena and Pinheiros, in the west of the city, and Vale do Anhangabaú, in the center of the capital, are good free options for those who want a crowd to cheer for Brazil in the search for the sixth .

In this year’s Cup, places like Parque Villa-Lobos and Vale do Anhangabaú are alternatives for those who want to watch the games and have a space to enjoy with friends without spending anything.

The Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel) even estimates an increase of at least 20% in establishments during the World Cup.

Check out free options to watch the World Cup games and have fun:

Vila Madalena

The most famous bar region in São Paulo has been a tradition for several editions of the World Cup. With a variety of places to eat and drink, it is possible to watch the games in the bars and hang out in the busy streets, enjoying with friends and meeting people.

Beco do Batman, for example, which is one of the most famous postcards of São Paulo, is located in the heart of Vila Mada and is a great option for anyone looking for a cool outdoor place to drink, listen to music and enjoy the after-hours. match.

The Traffic Engineering Company (CET) reported that since Saturday (19), vehicles will be banned from parking in much of the region. On match days, traffic control measures may be adopted.

FIFA Fan Fest (Vale do Anhangabaú)

In all editions of the Cup, FIFA promotes the “Fifa Fan Festival” in different places around the world. In São Paulo, the event will be held in Vale do Anhangabaú and will take place in all games in Brazil.

To participate, just rBook your ticket on FIFA’s website🇧🇷 it’s free and you can get one per CPF. This Thursday (24th), Brazil will face Serbia at 4 pm, but the gates of the event will be open at 2 pm.

In addition to the big screen broadcasting the game, the FIFA Fan Fest will also feature concerts by famous artists such as Gustavo Mioto, Léo Santana and Gusttavo Lima.

roosvelt square

Praça Roosevelt is one of the most famous in São Paulo and is located between Rua Augusta and Rua Consolação. Traditional in the capital of São Paulo, the region has a wide variety of bars and restaurants, with options for all tastes.

Fans can watch the games in a bar around the region and then go to the square to enjoy the after party with friends, drinking, listening to music and meeting new people.

Villa Lobos park

The Villa-Lobos park, located in the West zone of the capital, is a free option to enjoy with friends and family too, as it has a special space for children.

The transmission of the football matches will be made through a screen installed in the park and it is a great opportunity to take a towel and organize a picnic, since the first phase games are all in the afternoon.

For children, there are also inflatable rides, a zip line and a climbing wall. Food and drinks can be purchased at the park itself, which offers food trucks with various food options.


Sesc also opens its doors for fans to watch World Cup matches. In São Paulo, nine units have big screens and admission is free: Paulista, Vila Mariana, 24 de Maio, Belenzinho, Bom Retiro, Pinheiros, Itaquera, Interlagos and Santo Amaro.

Only the games that will take place on Mondays will not be shown because the spaces are not open to the public. At the Vila Mariana unit, for example, there will be a space with an LED TV, cushions and benches. In Pinheiros, a special menu for the event will be available at the local cafeteria.

Rua Souza Lima, Barra Funda

Rua Souza Lima, in Barra Funda, is full of bars and will be closed to cars this Thursday (24th), the day of the Brazil game, and on Monday (28th). Some bars have televisions to watch the matches and a samba show afterward.

Source: CNN Brasil

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