Discover six facts to understand the investigation of the German consul’s case

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The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro continues to hear witnesses who can help clarify investigators’ doubts about the dynamics of the relationship between German consul Uwe Herbert Hahn and her husband, Belgian Walter Henry Maximillen Biot.

Firefighters found Walter dead in the apartment where the couple lived in Rio de Janeiro. The man died from a beating, with several injuries on his body, and the diplomat is in preventive detention as the main suspect.

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Here are six facts that help to understand the case:

consul’s version

When firefighters were called to a penthouse in Ipanema, in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, last Friday (5), the information was that the victim to be treated had suffered a sudden illness.

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According to information provided later by Uwe Hahn to the police, on the day he died, her husband had a sudden outbreak while the two were sitting on the couch. Walter would have, according to the consul, run to the balcony, where he fell to the floor.

The diplomat said he did not know the reason for such a reaction, but said that the Belgian had started to show changes in his behavior about a month ago, increasing the consumption of alcoholic beverages and medicines, as the change that they would make in the country approached – Hahn would have to move to Haiti for work.

Expertise on the victim’s body

Contradicting the consul’s version, forensics indicated that the cause of death was beatings.

The victim’s autopsy report found several injuries on the body resulting from blunt force action, one of which was compatible with bruising and the other with the use of a cylindrical instrument (supposedly a wooden stick).

In addition to recent injuries, old marks from at least two days prior to death were also identified.

Crime scene

The couple’s apartment was dirty, with blood and feces scattered, according to delegate Camila Lourenço. A pool of blood at the place was even cleaned by the consul’s secretary the day after the death.

“There was a sofa with a damp stain on the side suggesting as if someone had hurriedly cleaned the area in an attempt to hide something. In a second moment, a research was carried out with the luminol reagent. The experts identified blood on the pillowcase, on the floor, in various parts of the property, and in the bathroom”, he detailed.

To the police, the consul’s secretary said that she washed a bloodstain in the apartment. According to the deposition, to which the CNN had access, the 50-year-old Brazilian said that Hahn texted her early Saturday morning, saying “Walter is dead. He had a heart attack.”

The employee would have gone to the scene on Saturday morning, when Hahn told her that the victim began to feel sick, ran towards the balcony and fell. The woman said that, at that moment, she noticed that the dog was licking a stain of blood. She then grabbed a bucket and detergent and did a superficial cleaning of the area.

preventive detention

After noticing the contradictions between Hahn’s account and evidence of a probable crime, the police approached the consul. The diplomat was arrested in the act at the Instituto Medico-Legal, where he would release Walter’s body, on Saturday (6).

On Sunday (7), after a custody hearing, the authorities converted the arrest in flagrante delicto into preventive. The justification given by Judge Rafael de Almeida Rezende, from the Central de Hearing of Custody in Benfica, is that the detention seeks to prevent the collection of evidence from being put at risk and to ensure that there is no escape.

The diplomat’s defense asked for the release of the arrest, claiming that he has consular immunity, but the Justice understood that the benefit does not apply to the case, as it is an episode outside the consular environment and without any relation to the functions performed by Uwe. Hahn.

reports of aggression

In view of the evidence, the delegate responsible for the case stated that she has no doubt that the consul acted in the death of her husband. However, investigations continue and authorities want to understand the dynamics of the relationship between the couple, who were together for 23 years.

Yesterday (9), a friend of Walter’s stated, in a statement to the police, that the couple fought constantly and that the Belgian had considered denouncing his partner for assault last month.

According to him, the situation worsened after the victim received an inheritance from a friend and stopped being financially dependent on the consul.

He also deposed the maid who cleaned the apartment. She stated that she had seen bloodstains on Walter’s pillow and a cut on his forehead on one occasion, but the victim claimed to have been scratched by a cat.

Use of drugs

Both in the testimony of the friend and the diarist there is mention of drug use. In the case of the employee, she reported finding cocaine pins around the property. The man said that Walter told him that Uwe has been addicted to the drug for years.

According to the deponent, the German also uses another drug and her husband used drugs occasionally.

The police will also analyze whether the victim was drugged on the day of death, due to the absence of signs of defense and the hygienic conditions of the apartment.

*With information from Bruna Carvalho, Fernanda Soares, Isabelle Saleme, Pauline Almeida, Rafaela Cascardo and Rayane Rocha, from CNN, in Rio de Janeiro

Source: CNN Brasil

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