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Disgust at bull torture in Spain – Fires lit on its horns and dragged down the street

The footage showing him has caused a stir torture one bull, with his horns burning on a road in Spain. The appalling sight sparked calls for a ban on the rendition of bullfights. The video shared by non profit organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), shows a white bull appearing terrified as locals drag it down a street in Valencia.

The animal appears to have sticks tied to it horns of which are burned. A bull with flaming horns is known as a “toro embolado” – or “bull with balls” – and is a sight to see in many Spanish cities during bullfights. In this “celebratory activity” (as some locals call it “toro embolado”) balls of flammable material or torches are tied to the horns of the animal, which is then set loose on the road with participants trying to avoid it, reports the Daily Mail.

In the video published by PETA the terrified bull is seen thrashing its head up and down trying to put out the fires on its horns, before crashing headfirst into a tree, where it is seen impaling itself.

A young man then grabs him by the tail and starts pulling him to “unstick”. The locals then proceed to drag the hapless creature down the street, while dozens of onlookers watch. “Look how much the bull is terrified. This appalling practice is nothing but gratuitous violence and must be banned,” PETA wrote in its post.

A second post from the Spanish charity Animalist Party With the Environment (PACMA) also criticizes her traditionwhich has sparked increasing controversy and protests in recent years, with protesters arguing that it is a brutal and anachronistic event, animal abuse.

The post read: “National shame. This bull was in shock at Valencia’s popular Puzol festival on September 7. “He left the stalls upset, confused and stumbling, but that didn’t stop the event, where minors were present, from taking place. In addition, they forced the bull to move by pulling its tail. “We cannot allow this abuse again and again in our cities.”

Source: News Beast

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