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Disney-Florida feud escalates over ‘woke’ culture – $1 billion investment thwarted

The feud that has erupted between them is taking on new dimensions Disney and of its State Floridaas the company announced it was canceling investment amounting to 1 billion dollars.

Specifically, he abandons it $900 million facility complex construction project near Walt Disney World theme park.

“For these reasons, we have decided not to proceed with the construction of the campus”, writes in the note Josh D’Amarohead of Disney’s theme parks, referring to the group’s plan to relocate thousands of employees from California to Florida.

As reported by Agence France-Presse, state authorities under Ron DeSandis consider the company too progressive since, in 2022, Disney management publicly denounced state bill where restricts teaching on topics related to sexual orientation and gender identity in Florida’s elementary schools.

In response, the Florida governor and rising star of the American right who has launched an attack on the supposed “woke” culture, in February, Disney stripped the special status it had enjoyed in the state of Florida since the 1960sa regime that included administrative facilities, self-administration of the theme park zone, preferential lending, etc.

“Targeted Revenge”

At the same time, Mr Ron DeSandis publicly announced his plan for her construction of a prison near the Disney World park and for her imposing additional taxes on the hotels in the parkwhich employs 75,000 workers and attracts 50 million tourists annually.

THE Disney responded with a lawsuit considering that this is “targeted revenge” against her, as a punishment for exercising “freedom of expression”.

“Does or doesn’t the state want us to invest more, employ more and pay more taxes?” said Disney’s chairman and CEO. Bob Iger.

A figure of the populist right in the USA, Ron DeSandis is considered the most serious competitor of Donald Trump for the nomination of the Republican Party and, according to the American media, he is likely to announce his candidacy in the coming days.

In a sign of the political significance of the conflict with Disney, Donald Trump accused Ron DeSandis in a statement that he “single-handedly” lost the Disney group’s investment because the governor is “too weak to fight for his state.” “Ron DeSandis’ losing battle with Disney didn’t help his shady and lame campaign.”

Source: News Beast

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