Disney launches the latest trailer for ‘The Little Mermaid’ and sparks controversy

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The month of May is about to arrive and this means that the premiere of the classic story that made us want to explore under the sea for a few decades is also approaching, but now it will arrive with its version in live actionTherefore, despite the controversy over its castingDisney took advantage of the 95th Academy Awards to present the full trailer.

This Rob Marshall-directed production adapts the 1989 animated musical, starring Halle Bailey as Ariel, Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric, Javier Bardem as King Triton, and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula.

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official poster of the little mermaid live action

The castle of dreams took the 2023 Oscar gala as a pretext to present the latest trailer for the film before its premiere, which is scheduled for May 26. Unfortunately, the choice of Halle to give life to the princess of the sea sparked a debate among fans because she “did not meet the physical resemblance” of the animated version of the 90s, but now, with the latest trailer, another has emerged. series of criticisms: the appearance of the crab Sebastian and the seagull Scuttle.

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Let’s remember that this Disney film ran into many negative comments for having chosen its protagonist of African-American descent and, after the racial controversy, Disney continued with its proposal. However, the fans they set their sights on another of their characters: Sebastián, the crab that accompanies Ariel throughout her adventure, inside and outside the sea.

ariel on the rock poster

His main interest was in the voice that they would give the crab, but with the latest images of the children’s classic, fans have been dissatisfied once again because the appearance of the crustacean is now closer to what we see in a documentary of National Geographicas well as that of the seagull Scuttle, since Disney opted for a much more realistic design and this has not been liked by everyone.

Why do you have to ruin my childhood? I mean, I know Sebastian is a crab, but those eyes have got me…

On the other hand, in the trailer you can see scenes that remind us a lot of the 89 classic, like the storm that makes Eric fall into the sea and is rescued by Ariel or when the young mermaid comes to land with her pair of legs.

Although we have not seen the image of the villain in its entirety, for the fans there is hope that his interpretation “saves” the tape. In addition, it is understood that the film will have the songs that we already know from the original version, but it will also have four new songs.

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