Disparity in vaccination coverage is a big problem, says Luana Araújo

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The infectologist and epidemiologist Luana Araújo said in an interview with CNN this Monday (29), the disparity in vaccine coverage in Brazil is a major problem for combating Ômicron, a new variant of the new coronavirus.

Luana said that it is necessary to seek more information and do more research to make informed decisions, but that the complete vaccine schedule is the most effective way to fight it.

“We still have Brazilian states with 30% coverage. If we have a more transmissible variant than Delta entering these places, we could have a very complex situation”, he explained.

Regarding the use of masks, the infectious disease specialist stated that they are still necessary, along with vaccination and other sanitary measures, such as hand hygiene, natural ventilation and social distance.

“It’s not just the use of the mask, vaccination is the pillar against Covid-19, but it alone is not enough in this scenario that has such a global disparity in access to the vaccine.”

According to Luana, the strain “has an accumulation of variations that had not yet been seen in the coronavirus.” “There are things that we already recognize as troubling characteristics, and the set could be even worse.”

The doctor also stated that it is still not known how this new strain works in the body of the population, and that it is necessary to have a conservative approach so that humanity does not experience the same problems faced with other variants.

New Year parties

For the infectologist, Carnival is still a long way off to decide whether the party should happen or not. For Araújo, however, the end of the year festivities should not happen because of the different vaccine situations within our country.

“There are people who travel to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve on a beach, for example, who may come from a different circumstance, this still puts us in a difficult situation,” he said.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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