Distance that is good for couples: Elena Santarelli’s recipe (to be copied)

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Even Instagram sometimes teaches. See one of the latest posts by Elena Santarelli. The 40-year-old showgirl and model, two children and a marriage that has lasted since 2014 with the former footballer Bernardo Corradi, he unveiled on his social page the secret of his relationship as a couple.

Next to a photo in which she appears smiling and gently hugging her husband, she wrote: “We recharge the batteries when we are a few days apart (in this case 18). Perhaps it has always been our special ingredient ♥ ️ so you avoid the “fusional relationship” which in many couples cancels a healthy individuality 😄I leave the opinion to the experts “.

Periods of distance, because they are good for the couple

As the psychologist and psychoanalyst Elena Benvenuti, «For too long in love stories the concept of soul mate and symbiotic relationship, almost indicating an obligation to always do everything together. Instead, the space to be alone (or in any case not with the partner) is welcome, for more or less long phases, confronting oneself with one’s individuality, developing a healthy sense of lack of the other. All the more so after these two years of pandemic which for many couples have coincided with a forced and sometimes claustrophobic daily coexistence. Having times when you are not together with your partner is a beneficial habit for the couple because it breaks the routine, but above all for the single person, who in these moments it grows and evolves as an individual in itself. To feel good for two and to avoid that the relationship is grafted on dynamics of dependence, one must (or should) start from the concept of to be self-sufficient. Which, beware, does not mean living apart or wanting to be unromantic at all, but avoid that the partner is our only source of well-being“. Elena Santarelli and Bernardo Corradi’s “recipe” approved!

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