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Djidja Cardoso case: family defense denies macabre rituals and formation of sect

During a press conference held this Sunday (2), lawyers representing family members of former Boi Garantido Djidja Cardoso denied the existence of a sect or the practice of rituals carried out by their clients.

According to the police, the investigation has already collected evidence that points to an illegal scheme that involved a family sect, a beauty salon and a veterinary clinic. The evidence suggests that the former little lady was a member of this type of religious group, called “Father, Mother, Life” which called her “Maria Madalena”. Her brother, Ademar, would be “Jesus” and their mother, the figure of “Maria”. The defense claims that all of this was the result of hallucinations caused by the continuous use of ketamine, a type of anesthetic.

Lawyer Lidiane Roque stated that Djidja Cardoso's mother, Cleusimar, even offered her the substance. “I take the liberty of saying that she [Cleusimar] he even offered it to me. But there was never coercion, there was never obligation. I responded in the same way as everyone I questioned. I replied: 'I'm not interested, but I'd appreciate it.”

According to the lawyer, Djidja, Cleusimar and Ademar became drug addicts and “lost control”.

Also during the press conference, the defense spoke about the materials seized by the police in one of the family's beauty salon units. On Friday (31) delegate Cícero Túlio, who is leading part of the investigations, stated that syringes “ready for use” were found during the execution of search and seizure warrants in these locations, along with doses of ketamine.

According to the defense, the syringes contained products used in salons, such as shampoo and conditioner. Furthermore, the lawyers denied that the salon chain's units were used for the storage or consumption of drugs.

“The Cardoso family took drugs at home, hence the isolation. Everyone knows that it's one of the symptoms, the addict's need to isolate themselves, because that's all they want to do. I witnessed Djidja not even leaving the room. What ritual is this where people are isolated?”, said Lidiane.

According to the police investigation, there are several accusations against Djidja's brother, Ademar Farias Cardoso Neto. He was allegedly responsible for the rape, false imprisonment, kidnapping and abortion of a girlfriend, who was also involved in the actions of the “Father, Mother, Life” sect.

Regarding this, the defense points out that the testimonial evidence would be questionable. “The people who went to the police station to make the complaint are very emotionally involved. And some of them are chemically dependent. When a person uses this drug for a long time [ketamina], the effects don't just last 40 minutes. They last for days and days. It is not known under what conditions these people gave testimony”, said lawyer Nauzila Campos.

In total, five people were arrested and are being investigated for their participation in the scheme. Lawyers say prison saved their lives. “If this operation had been launched a few weeks ago, Djidja would be alive. She would be trapped, but she would be alive. So, we recognize the social function of this operation”, pointed out Nauzila.

Source: CNN Brasil

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