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Djidja Cardoso case: family of ex-sinhazinha led a sect that promoted the use of ketamine, police say

The Civil Police of Amazonas reported this Friday (31) that the family of Djidja Cardoso, former boss of Boi Garantido, led a religious sect called “Father, Mother, Life”. According to investigations, the organization promised followers transcendence to another dimension and salvation on a higher plane.

Dilemar Cardoso Carlos da Silva, Djidja, as she was known, died at the age of 32 in the house where she lived, in the Cidade Nova neighborhood, in Manaus. The case occurred last Tuesday (28).

According to the Civil Police, investigations into the existence of the sect and the commission of crimes began 40 days ago, before Djidja's death. At that time, it was discovered that the group obtained the drug ketamine from a veterinary clinic, without any type of prescription or control, and distributed it among employees of the beauty salon chain.

According to delegate Cícero Túlio, head of the 1st DIP, as part of the sect's activities, two people were identified who had been kept in private prison, naked and deprived of hygiene for several days. As a result of these acts, one of the victims, who was pregnant, suffered a miscarriage.

During the investigations, adds the delegate, it was possible to identify Ademar Farias Cardoso Neto, 29 years old, and his mother, Cleusimar Cardoso Rodrigues, 53, as founders of the sect. They are, respectively, Djidja Cardoso's brother and mother.

Túlio adds that the sect had the collaboration of employees of the beauty salon chain Verônica da Costa Seixas, 30 years old, and Claudiele Santos da Silva, 33 years old, as well as Marlisson Vasconcelos Dantas, who is on the run. They were in charge of persuading employees and people close to the family to join the sect, where veterinary drugs were used.

The sect's leaders persuaded followers to believe that, by compulsively using ketamine, they could transcend to another dimension and reach a higher plane, where they would find salvation. Ketamine – also known as ketamine – is a type of anesthetic.

During the operation carried out on Thursday afternoon (30), hundreds of syringes, venous access products, needles and ketamine were seized, as well as cell phones, documents and computers.

The group will be responsible for drug trafficking, association for drug trafficking, putting the health or life of others at risk, forgery, corruption, adulteration of products intended for therapeutic and medicinal purposes, induced abortion without the pregnant woman's consent, rape vulnerability, charlatanism, witchcraft, kidnapping, false imprisonment and illegal restraint.

Substances seized during operation investigating the death of Djidja Cardoso

Death of former little lady

Djidja's death is being investigated by the Specialized Homicide and Kidnapping Police Station (DEHS).

Initially, the suspicion is that the former little lady was the victim of an overdose due to excessive use of ketamine during one of the rituals of the religious sect led by the family.

The Civil Police are awaiting the results of the autopsy examination carried out by the Legal Medical Institute (IML). According to security authorities, Djidja was also part of the sect and was even the target of investigations.

Source: CNN Brasil

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