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Do UFOs really exist? Stamatis Krimizis comments on NASA’s announcements and the possibility of extraterrestrial life

Many were those who waited anxiously yesterday’s NASA announcements on the report drawn up by an independent group of experts on the UFOs. The conclusion was that it has no evidence that they are of “extraterrestrial origin”, however, the space agency stressed that because it does not know their origin, so it cannot rule out any possibility.

To the question of whether there are “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena” (UAP), as UFOs or UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are now known, the Stamatis Krimizis, Space Research Center supervisor. Although he did not answer clearly he stated to ERT that NASA will be completely transparent about what it finds with its satellites

Commenting on the statement by Dan Evans, head of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate that they want to separate fact from fiction, Mr. Krimizis expressed the view that NASA, according to its founding law, does not withhold facts.

“There’s a fleet of her spaceships NASA that monitors the Earth, but will also use data from private companies such as Maxar that presents images from all over the earth” the Greek researcher noted on the ERT “Newsroom” show.

“The probability that there is another Earth in one of these galaxies is almost 100%”

Responding to the question of whether there is the possibility of finding life from another species in space at some point, Mr. Krimizis emphasized that there are around 40 billion exoplanets similar to Earth. And as he said, “when we put these numbers together, and add the fact that there are also 2 trillion galaxies, we get to one-number probabilities with twenty zeros. The probability that there is another Earth in one of these galaxies is almost 100%, but the distances are such that we will never know. This is the main problemadded the scientist.

The mysteries of space were discussed during the press conference on the existence or non-existence of extraterrestrials and Nicola Fox, deputy administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, saying that “UAPs are one of the greatest mysteries of our planet. And that’s really because of the limited amount of high-quality data surrounding such incidents.”

Source: News Beast

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