Do you remember the girl from the ‘Vazquez Sounds’? She is 21 years old and this is how she currently looks

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Now and always there have been celebrities for a little while, those who achieved success too quickly, but with the same speed it got out of hand. In the case of music, the term “one hit wonder” is used for these situations, which refers to singers of a single success, for example A-ha, who is only recognized for his song Take on me.

Something similar happened to Los Vázquez Sounds, the band that, in 2011, was the sensation for its cover of rolling in the deep, song originally performed by Adele. Its success was largely due to the incredible voice of Angie, the vocalist of the famous trio, since all the members were between 10 and 15 years old, which drew a lot of media attention.

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Ángela, Gustavo and Abelardo Vázquez, originally from Mexicali, Baja California, were the brothers responsible for shaking up the internet with their incredible talent. Their impact was so great that to date the music video for which they rose to fame continues to gain views, with a total of 283 million views.

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However, although the three brothers continued their musical career for almost a decade, they never again experienced the same level of success as Rolling in the Deep granted them. The band officially announced their separation in 2020, and a few years later, the vocalist we met at age 10 would share the reasons for this decision through a TikTok video.

@angieevazquez_Reply to @analumh_01♬ original sound – Angie Vazquez

Well now, the real answer is nothing dramatic, absolutely nothing happened, simply the three of us already had different musical tastes, different concerns and we wanted to make our own project, so we decided to separate and each one start their own project and that’s it It is the truth.

Currently, Ángela Vázquez is already 21 years old and is totally focused on her solo career, she is even putting together an album made up of 12 songs that she wrote herself and where she collaborates with incredible artists.

The Vázquez Sounds vocalist is 21 years old and looks like this

I started composing until I had the album that is almost ready, there are 12 songs written by me, with some collaborations with composers like Leonel García, Tommy Torres and my dad who is my greatest teacher.

Finally, the interpreter of If you gois aware that the kind of success she had with her brothers a decade ago, you don’t see every day, and also that it’s not the kind of success that keeps you on top, so she is no longer interested in participating in coversbut wants to stand out on its own.

The Vázquez Sounds vocalist is 21 years old and looks like this

I psyched myself up when doing my project as a soloist and over the years, that what happened with Vázquez Sounds is one in a million, it was a viral song, with that they knew us, but I know that’s not really how it works and I have to work to make it work for me.

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