Doc 2: twist or low blow?

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SPOILER. Let’s put the spoiler alert but anyone, without turning on the TV, had only opened any social network last night already knows everything about the event that triggered thousands of reactions and sent Doc – In your hands 2 in first place of Twitter trending topics in Italy. It happened, and we are sorry to remember it, that Dr. Lorenzo Lazzarini played by Gianmarco Saurino died of Covid in the second season of the most relevant medical series of recent years, ours Grey’s Anatomy with a little bit of Doctor House inside (the witty would say Medical Dimension, dream of the quality medical series staged inside Boris). Lazzarini is the first doctor to die of Covid-19 in an Italian TV series, the date on the tomb is March 23, 2020, the beginning of the terrible first wave of the pandemic. The really unexpected twist is the most perfidious low blow: it comes after the discovery of the pregnancy of Dr. Giulia Giordano and the promise of a life together sealed by the joke that has already become a meme uttered by Lazzarini: “I’ve been looking for you all my life and finally I have found you ». And instead.
Fans went crazy in a reaction of shock and bewilderment: writers, are you crazy ?, is the kindest sentence that could be read yesterday on Twitter. Saurino, the actor who plays the doctor, told the Corriere della Sera that the decision was his, that he wanted to devote himself to cinema and theater, and – it is obvious – he feared that that character could become a cage, the condemnation of national-popular roles. There are new characters to become attached to like Doctor Cesconi (Marco Rossetti) and to hate like Doctor Tedeschi (Alice Arcuri). And the choice to tell the pandemic as a finished emergency was the only way to avoid slips, gaffes and masks on the faces of the actors. Certainly, Doc 2 started with a twist worthy of the Game of Thrones, and has already foreshadowed upheavals even in sentimental equilibrium. The winter is coming?


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