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DOC – In your hands 2: the final shock leaves us a doubt

DOC – In your hands 2: the final shock leaves us a doubt

DOC 2in short, she defended herself well because she wisely chose to focus on the strength of her cast and on the enhancement of her workhorses, focusing more on Pierpaolo Spollon’s Bonvegna, on Gabriel’s inner conflict Alberto Malanchino and on the consumed pain of Carolina by Beatrice Grannò. A functioning and functional joint which, however, cannot fail to make us reflect on the real need to take out two of the main characters of the series in a single season. These two violent and unexpected tears at the beginning and at the end of the season put us in front of a doubt: if Lorenzo’s death was the graft to set up all the following episodes, why choose to kill Alba instead of resorting to one of the thousand tricks of the long seriality, like moving to another city like Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy? Maybe from DOC we were expecting a more thoughtful ending, capable of leaving, in addition to light and romanticism, some shadows still to be found in the third season already being written: Rai1 and Lux ​​Vide, on the other hand, have in their hands one of the best series of the recent years, and that is why it must be handled with care so as not to damage it.

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