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Doctor referred patient with mysterious genital pain to Google

A patient who went to the doctor with excruciating, mysterious genital pain got an incredible response, as the specialist referred her to Google and then kicked her out of the office. The 20-year-old British Bianca Padurariu is not yet sure what she is suffering from, with her story starting in 2021, when she started going to the toilet constantly and felt unbearable pain in her genitals, as well as a burning sensation. Speaking to the Mirror, she said that in September 2021 she visited her GP and was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, for which she was treated with antibiotics. However, the symptoms did not subside, but intensified, even when she had sex. So, he underwent a series of tests to get a referral to a public hospital, but the result was negative. By 2023 she was living with daily excruciating pain and stopped having sex with her partner, while going to the toilet up to 15 times a day. In the end, he managed to collect around 800 euros […]
Source: News Beast

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