Does Fedez (really) go into politics?

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The question, given the many causes he has supported in recent years putting his face to it, they have asked him several times, but Fedez, on his possible involvement in politics, he has always hinted that he wanted to stay away from it. At least until now. According to reports from the Courier service, it seems that the rapper has registered, on 10 November, a domain that suggests his possible involvement in Italian political elections which will take place in a year and a half. The registered domain, which is currently inactive, is, and is bought by ZDF, the company owned by Fedez.

The controversial speech during the concert on May 1st in support of the Zan law which was then sunk in the Senate, the continuous controversies with Matteo Salvini, with Maurizio Gasparri and, more recently, also with Matteo Renzi have always hinted that Fedez was an arsonist with certain rights and certain causes at heart, but certainly it would be curious if he decided to put his career as an artist on stand-by, between music and television (he is the testimonial of Amazon), to really get into politics. He certainly wouldn’t be the first: in America, Kanye West has advanced his candidacy as president on several occasions, while at home there are many well-known faces of the small screen who have tried the big shot, including Iva Zanicchi, became an MEP.

It is definitely too early to formulate a hypothesis, even if the purchase of a domain on the web could really be a first, very timid step towards a climb that, thanks to its immense virtual audience to which the even larger one of his wife Chiara Ferragni would be added, it could take him far. We’ll see how it turns out.


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