Dog loves! Lomito goes upstairs to visit his girlfriend on the roof

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The intelligence and abilities that animals learn are so surprising that there are apparently complicated actions for them that we cannot explain how they manage to perform them.

The Internet has given us innumerable moments of dogs doing activities that were believed only for humans and although there are several videos of canines climbing the stairs, the one we present below is more peculiar, since he climbed the steps to meet his beloved dog.

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picture of a dog walking up the stairs

The Facebook user Daniel Espino Hernandez unveiled the loin’s adorable act of love through a video, where you can see a Chihuahua breed dog climb step by step each level of a ladder to meet a canine that was on the roof of a house.

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With the song To the top of the skyperformed by Juan Reyes and his angel heart, the recording shows the determined furry boy struggling to climb the steps to meet his girlfriend, who, seeing him, approaches the edge of the roof to try to help him climb completely.

And I hid it from him!

For love there are no impossible.

With a couple of laughs in the background and after several minutes of trying, the puppy managed to meet his beloved on the roof of the house. The incredible feat of the canine went viral on the social network, where he currently has 27,000 reactions and was shared more than 100,000 times.

dog runs up the stairs to meet a dog on the roof

As is customary in viral videos, the things that netizens write in the comments section are what take center stage and this time was no exception, since the publication has 8.3 thousand notes from people who made jokes about that for love there are no impossible things or excuses, while a few wondered what would have happened if the dog had fallen.

Source: Okchicas

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