Home Uncategorized Dollar opens down 1% with good external mood

Dollar opens down 1% with good external mood

Dollar opens down 1% with good external mood

The dollar opened the day sharply falling against the real this Thursday, following the external good mood after signaling that the Fed (central bank of the United States) may reduce its pace of monetary tightening, while, in Brazil, the rejection of the action that calls for an extraordinary verification of the second electoral round supported the sentiment.

At 9:12 am, the dollar in sight retreated 1.09%, to R$ 5.312 on sale, in a session that should have low liquidity due to a holiday in the United States and the debut of Brazil in the World Cup, at 4 pm.

At B3, at the same time, the dollar futures contract for the first month fell 0.98%, to R$ 5.319.

On the eve, the US currency in sight fell by 0.17%, to R$ 5.37 on sale.

The Central Bank will hold an auction of up to 16,000 traditional exchange rate swap contracts in this trading session for the purpose of rolling over the maturity of December 1, 2022.

Source: CNN Brasil



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