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Dollar retreats on “Christmas rally” day in overseas markets

THE dollar fell against the real this Thursday (23), in the midst of a benign day in foreign financial markets, which are being benefited by the famous “rally of Natal“.

At 9:22 am, Brasília time, the dollar in cash retreated 0.62%, at R$ 5.6330 on sale. At B3, the first-maturity dollar futures contract dropped 0.42% to R$5.6390.

From the macroeconomic agenda, the market analyzes in Brazil the HICP-15, whose December and annual readings came in slightly below expectations.

From the external agenda, highlight the inflation numbers in the U.S, in addition to activity indicators in the country.

The dollar’s decline here replicated a certain calm in international markets, with a rise in Wall Street futures, emerging currencies and Asian and European equities.

“Risk aversion weakens after the release of studies on the omicron variant, which indicated a lower probability of severe cases when compared to the delta variant,” Bradesco said in a morning note.

“Even so, the worsening of the pandemic and the response of the authorities, especially in Europe, still imposes caution on business, limiting the recovery of the markets”.

In the domestic field, the central bank the rollover of traditional exchange rate swap contracts that would expire in February ended the day before, and even on the eve it announced the beginning, on January 3, of the rollover of derivatives to expire in March, totaling R$ 14.1 billion (282,270 contracts).

“The execution of this rollover foresees the realization of daily traditional swap auctions and will comprise the period necessary for all the stock maturing on 3/2/2022 to be renewed. The BC will be able to change the lot offered each day, or even accept proposals in an amount lower than the offer, according to the demand conditions for the instrument, without prejudice to the objective of fully rolling over the maturity”, said the BC in a note on its website.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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