Domenica In: what happened (really) between Mara Venier and Serena Autieri?

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If you are in the habit of scrolling through Twitter to find out what you missed during the day it is very likely that, on the evening of March 6, you noticed a certain chatter around the last episode of Sunday In and an alleged skirmish between the host Mara Venier and the guest Serena Autieri. In particular, a video has gone viral in which Autieri, as soon as she enters the studio, is invited to approach the microphone boom to sing a piece of Rugantino, the show that he will bring to the Sistine Chapel in Rome starting from 10 March, instead of sitting on the white stool to support the interview.

Mara Venier and Serena Autieri

«Ah, immediately like this?», Serena asks Mara, adding that “I have to come at 2 to do the interview with you, when the episode starts”. Many have seen a bit of poison in this clarification but, looking at the whole piece, one realizes that Venier has no hostility towards her guest. On the contrary. After explaining to her that the first block was entirely dedicated to the developments of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, with a host of the director of Tg1 Monica Maggioni, Giovanna Botteri and the conductor of the Live life as well as a great friend of Venier Alberto Matano, Mara invited Autieri to sing the song only to keep it at the end of the performance.

Mara Venier and Serena Autieri

“No come on. We are in a hurry “, Serena objects while Mara asks the production to get her the stool to make her sit at least for a moment, just enough time to comment on a rvm with the most famous actresses to have measured themselves with Rugantino and snatching from her the promise to return as soon as possible for a complete and in-depth interview. Both Mara Venier and Serena Autieri know how tight television times – especially in the case of continuous updates on an ongoing war – are, and certainly there is no need to raise a fuss where there is none. To all those who have doubts about the video extracts available on social networks, we would only like to advise, before making a judgment, to run on the platforms – in this case Rai Play – and recover the entire episode: is the best way to tell if there is really something rotten or not.

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