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Donald Duck: character turns 90 this Sunday (9)

Donald Duck will have a festive Sunday (9)! Disney’s famous animated character is celebrating 90 years since his first appearance. Originally called Donald Fauntleroy Duck, it will even premiere on the studio’s streaming service to celebrate the date.

The festivities began a few months ago, with a special celebration at the Salvador Carnival, in February. But this Sunday, fans will be able to watch the short “DIY Duck” on Disney+. Hand-drawn animation is part of the duck’s resume, which has starred in more than 150 of the company’s productions.

Donald on his visit to Brazil during Carnival 2024

Donald Duck first appeared in the cartoon “The Smart Chicken”, released on June 9, 1934, however his birthday can be celebrated on any Friday the 13th, a tradition that began thanks to his constant bad luck.

His participation in the Salvador Carnival was marked by his visits to the main tourist attractions of the Bahian capital guided by the Brazilian tourism ambassador, Carlinhos Brown. Donald even climbed into the electric trio of Camarote Brown by Licia Fabio.

6 interesting facts about Donald Duck, who will turn 90 in 2024

Source: CNN Brasil

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