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Donald Trump unrepentant: 2020 election fraud claim ‘my decision’

Allegation of rigging and questioning of 2020 presidential election results ‘my decision’, says Donald Trump in an interview with NBC.

“It was my decision, but I also listened to some people,” he said of the case for which he has been brought to court on charges of trying to overturn the election results.

According to the indictment Donald Trump knew his allegations of fraud were false but continued to spread them, resulting in one of the blackest pages of the US being written with his followers storming the Capitol.

“I was listening to different people and when I put it all together, I came to the conclusion that the election was rigged,” said Donald Trump, who is vying for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

Do you know who I’m listening to? Myself. I saw what happened,” he said and added that he did not accept the view of his lawyers that the elections were lost as he did not consider them worthy of respect.

“You hire them, you’ve never met these people, you get a recommendation, they turn out to be Republicans in name only, or they turn out to be not so good. In many cases, I didn’t respect them. But I respected others. I respected many others who said the election was rigged,” he noted.

Source: News Beast

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