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Donald Trump wants to become crypto president

The Republican Party candidate in the upcoming US elections, Donald Trump, has announced his intention to become a cryptocurrency president. Writes about this Reuters with reference to sources.

During a presidential campaign fundraiser in San Francisco, the politician presented himself as an advocate for digital assets and criticized Democratic efforts to regulate the industry.

According to the publication, Trump raised $12 million at an event for Silicon Valley venture investors, organized by Chamath Palihapitiya and David Sachs at the latter’s mansion in Pacific Heights.

According to media reports, the meeting was attended by the heads of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, the founders of the Gemini trading platform, brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and other industry representatives.

Intercom CEO Eoghan McCabe spoke to X about participating in the event:

“I talked to six people there. No one identified themselves as Republican. Everyone has voted or donated to Democrats in the past. Now they support this guy [Трампа] for his policies on war, immigration, cryptocurrencies and more. This election is a referendum on these issues.”

Elon Musk called it “interesting” in a comment on the publication. None of the sources reported the presence of the billionaire at the event.

At the end of May, Bloomberg reported that Musk could join Trump’s team as a consultant, including on cryptocurrencies. WSJ wrote that the politician plans to make the billionaire an adviser. Musk said he had not discussed his possible role in a potential Trump administration.

During a speech at the National Convention of the Libertarian Party, Trump said that the United States should become a leader in the crypto industry. He also promised to release the founder of the darknet market Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, if elected president.

In March, Trump said he had no plans to disrupt the use of Bitcoin or other digital assets if he won the election in November.

He called the first cryptocurrency “an additional form of currency” that will require specialized regulation from the authorities. According to the politician, Bitcoin has already “taken on a life of its own.”

According to a Paradigm poll, about 48% of voters who own digital assets plan to vote for Trump in the upcoming US presidential election. Another 38% are for Biden, 13% have not decided on a candidate.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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