Donated by PRODEA Investments to the 2nd Pediatric Hospital Abuse Management Center in Greece

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In the presence of AE of the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou, the inauguration of the Child Safety Care Unit – “ELIZA”, of the DG Pediatric Clinic EKPA, took place at the University General Hospital ATTIKON, on Monday, November 22, 2021.

The Unit was founded on the initiative of the Eliza Association – Company against Child Abuse and is the second hospital in Greece for the examination and interdisciplinary treatment of infants and children suspected of abuse / neglect. Specifically, the functions of the Unit include:

  • Examination & monitoring of infants and children with suspected abuse / neglect.

  • Coordination of interdisciplinary care, which includes all groups of professionals called to manage abuse cases, such as. doctor, nurse, social worker, mental health professional, medical examiner, police officer, etc ..

  • Development of research / educational programs for primary and secondary prevention of abuse.

  • Data collection for the design and implementation of scientifically based strategies for the prevention and management of child abuse / neglect.

Protecting children at risk of abuse and neglect is seen as a more pressing need than ever before, according to the World Health Organization:

  • 1,000,000 children, aged 2 to 17, have been victims of some form of violence, physical / sexual / psychological / or neglect, in the last year alone.

  • 300 million children aged 2 to 4 often suffer physical abuse and / or corporal punishment or mental abuse from their very “close” environment (parents and carers).

  • 1 in 4 adults has been physically abused as a child.

  • Prevention can act as a catalyst and prevent violent and abusive behaviors in infants and children.

Eliza warmly thanks PRODEA Investments for its generosity and catalytic contribution to the creation of the Unit, as well as the MATILDA Foundation, but also Henkel Beauty Care Greece who significantly contribute to the daily operation and staffing of the Unit.

The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Eliza, Marina Karella in her thank you speech, stated that “The Hospital Unit for the Safety of Children” ELIZA “that we are launching today is another important step for us in the prevention and early treatment of child abuse, which exists in our country, as everywhere and unfortunately shows an increasing trend worldwide. “We are able to stand up to her and prevent her from injuring our children.”

The Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Head of the Unit, Mrs. Vana Papaevangelou noted that “The 3rd Pediatric Clinic of EKPA is very proud of the opening of the Child Safety Care Unit in ATTICA, in collaboration with the Eliza Association. The new space created for the needs of children with possible abuse and neglect It is friendly to parents and children and offers privacy. the implementation of a primary abuse prevention program, recognizing children at risk in a timely manner “.

Teresa Messari General Manager of Finance & Operations of PRODEA Investments, stated that “PRODEA investments, joined its voice and forces with the Eliza Association and helped to put into practice the new – special unit at the Attica Hospital. It is an important structure that will provide critical services to children who, unfortunately That is why PRODEA was immediately sensitized and supported this initiative, but our need and goal is greater. “structures. It is our attitude of responsibility towards every child in need.”

The Matilda Foundation On the occasion of the inauguration, he noted: “It is with great pleasure that Matilda – Foundation for the Care of Little Heroes, supported the Care Unit for the Safety of Children -” ELIZA “! in order to contribute to the assessment of cases of possible child abuse, an initiative consistent with the main purpose of the Matilda Statute, the protection of children from all forms of abuse, abandonment, neglect and exploitation, and the promotion and protection of their fundamental and inalienable rights. “

Elias Skartados, Trade Marketing Manager of Henkel Beauty Care Greece “The pillar of corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our values ​​at Henkel Hellas. Our goal is to listen to society ‘s needs and find ways to meet them, staying true to our commitment to contributing to social progress. that we support the Eliza Non-Profit Association for the second consecutive year in achieving such an important project and it is our responsibility not only to offer, but to inform and raise awareness of our consumers for this energy of social contribution, because together we can make the world of children better “.


Source From: Capital

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