Done: Instagram will allow you to publish content from the desktop

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The information publication Engadget, citing its sources, reported that the developers of the social network Instagram are preparing a major update with many useful innovations. For example, the most important update will be the ability to publish content directly from the desktop – this feature, according to the publication, will appear on October 21st. On this day, users from all over the world will be able to publish images or short videos (no more than one minute) from the browser of their computer or laptop. Previously, this required the use of special third-party software, which was not very safe and convenient.

Interface for publishing a photo on a desktop

However, for the mobile client, they also prepared several pleasant bonuses. For example, the developers are testing the Collabs feature, which should appear among a certain audience of users today, October 19. This innovation will allow two content creators to become co-authors of posts and videos by inviting the user when selecting tags. Accordingly, the post will be seen by subscribers of both users, plus this post will have a common counter of views, likes, and even a comment feed. An extremely useful feature for large companies, celebrities, opinion leaders and sponsored publications.

And tomorrow, October 20, the social network will add a fundraising function for non-profit organizations. The developers believe that this will significantly simplify charity, but it is not entirely clear in which countries the function will work and how this opportunity will be given. Probably, all updates will be rolled out gradually, so do not worry if certain features appear for individual users not immediately on the day of release, but after a few hours or even the next day.

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