Donna beats a little girl because she refuses to play with her daughter

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“Can I play with you?”. “No”. So the little girl bursts into tears. And her mother takes revenge on her girls who exclude her daughter, pulling her hair and throwing one of them to the ground. This would be the scene consumed in a playground in Grosseto, according to what is reported The Tyrrhenian Sea.

The episode dates back to a few days ago and, according to the reconstruction of the newspaper, the girl would have approached two other peers who were playing volleyball. The two, who usually spend the afternoons with the child, however, do not allow her to join the game. At that point the little girl burst into tears and went back to her mother to be consoled. The mother, forty, gets up from the bench and asks the two girls for explanations. A brief discussion and then the adult grabs one of her girls by her hair and throws her to the ground. The eldest son then intervenes in the quarrel and starts kicking the little girl’s abdomen. The assault ends only when the girl’s family members intervene.

A complaint she was introduced to the police by the mother of the little girl who was allegedly beaten. «My daughter», she said, «she is afraid of meeting that woman in every corner. You don’t want to leave the house any more. ‘


Source: Vanity Fair

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