‘Don’t call me by my real name’ says sex worker – Why she puts limits on clients

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One of the biggest risks a worker can face sex is to wish o customer to develop their relationship emotionally, which always starts with the question “what is the real you name?”.

THE Chris Belcher who is a professional dominatrix and operates under the name “Mistress Natalie» in an article he wrote to New York Times she mentioned that she once made the mistake of partially revealing her true identity, which almost cost her dearly.

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One day met with a young student in a hotel and after their contact, he asked her her name. She she didn’t reveal her pet name Chris, but said Christina, as her parents called her. They parted ways, but he searched and found both her phone and email, and started sending her messages like “Chris I love you” and that “I want to build a house and I hope you come one day and stay with me.”

So the glass overflowed, when one day when it was Christmas, he sent the following messagewhich never received a reply: “I am going to visit my parents’ house and I would like to meetPlease Christina don’t ruin my Christmas».

“I want to see you… I’m going to kill myself”

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Chris Belcher mentioned that she had a client who became obsessed with her and kept asking to meet her. So one day, he asked her to meet at a hotel and when Chris went, he realized that the woman had no money and just wanted to see her.

So, paid her taxi and got up and left without doing anything. But she started sending emails stating that “I want to see you” and that “I’m going to kill myself”.

Now, Chris Belcher may not be working as a sex worker, but she stresses that no one should ever reveal their real name or even their personal information. This, because it is easy to be detected by some obsessive customer and sometimes the ending is not a simple nuisance, as in her case, but can have unforeseen consequences.

Source: News Beast

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