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Can I pick up the phone? This question will come to mind to anyone who sees an unfamiliar number on the display of a mobile phone. Each of us, of course, has at some time or another encountered an unsolicited call, a telemarketing campaign, an advertising campaign, or some other type of unwanted call. How to determine that an unfamiliar incoming number is safe and its acceptance will not take you tens of minutes of your precious time or tens or even hundreds of rubles?


“” is a free security application for Android phones that will protect you from unwanted calls, unwanted or expensive outgoing calls, such as calls to toll lines or abroad.

Alert features:

• Image of the estimate of the number immediately after the call

• In no case does it concern saved contacts and does not display their rating!

• Works offline – uses offline database (does not require internet connection)

• Quick access to detailed information about tel. number and user ratings

• Fast affordable creation of your own assessment

Possible blocking methods

• Allows you to block calls from hidden numbers!


• Allows you to block calls to toll lines

• Allows you to block calls to foreign numbers

• Allows you to block calls from/to negatively rated numbers

• Allows you to create your own block list and block numbers from it

• Allows you to block all numbers that are not in your contacts!

• Never blocks or otherwise uses any of your contacts!


How does a database of ratings and numbers come about?

The database is created by the community of all users who have installed this application and/or visit the website of the application. Users send anonymous ratings of public numbers (we do not collect private numbers) based on actual conversations. These ratings are centrally collected on a server in a common database, where they are then controlled by our employees and, after acceptance, are distributed to everyone who has this application installed on their mobile phone.

Why does the application request access to contacts and telephone conversations?

This information is needed by the app so that it can distinguish between your saved private phone numbers and new incoming ones – so the rating form will only show up for new unrated/non-private numbers from your call history. The application never sends your private contacts to the server (and anywhere else from your phone).

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Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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