Don’t use Pix if you don’t know the store, says CEO of Reclame Aqui about Black Friday

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Black Friday, which takes place on Friday (25), is a date when scammers “get ready to act.”

This is the assessment of the CEO of Reclame Aqui, Edu Neves.

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This year, he draws attention to advertisements within social networks, such as Instagram and Tiktok, with exclusive and desired products with aggressive discounts.

“They usually send you to a WhatsApp account and a payment shop in Pix. It is important to say that Pix does not reverse, if it paid for, it will not reach”, he warned.

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For this reason, he is categorical: “Don’t pay with Pix if you don’t know the store.”

The specialist reinforces that the so-called phishing is a problem, which are “e-mail promotions and websites that try to impersonate other brands.”

Another good tip is to use virtual credit cards, those made for “one-off purchases.”

sales expectation

A survey carried out by Reclame Aqui shows that on Black Friday this year, consumers should spend more than in 2021.

43% of the interviewees answered that they will go shopping during the promotion and another 42% claim that they will not buy because they do not trust the date and do not think that there will be real promotions.

Almost 60% of consumers said they would spend more than R$1,000.

The success of Black Friday, for Edu Neves, “is in the hands of the retailers, since the consumer says he doesn’t believe it, but if there is a condition that fits in his pocket, he will make the purchase”.

The CEO of Reclame Aqui added that consumers are looking for two types of discounts: for small amounts, payment via Pix, and for high amounts, installments on credit.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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