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“Don’t wait until November to help Ukraine,” Zelensky tells US leaders

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged US political leaders in Washington on Tuesday (9) not to wait for the outcome of November’s US presidential election to act firmly in support of Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

“Everyone is waiting for November. The Americans are waiting for November, in Europe, in the Middle East, in the Pacific, the whole world is looking at November and, frankly speaking, (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is also waiting for November,” Zelenskiy said, speaking at the Ronald Reagan Institute on the eve of the NATO summit.

“It’s time to come out of the shadows, to make strong decisions… to act and not wait for November or any other month.”

Zelensky is scheduled to meet Biden at the White House on Thursday (11).

NATO Summit

Zelensky’s presence in Washington comes amid a visit by leaders of NATO’s 32 member states to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the US-led military alliance.

President Joe Biden spoke during the opening ceremony of the event and reiterated support for Ukraine.

“(Vladimir) Putin wants nothing less, nothing less than the total subjugation of Ukraine … and to wipe Ukraine off the map,” Biden said, referring to the Russian president. “Ukraine can and will stop Putin.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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