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Dora Figueiredo returns the apartment she renovated because she was unable to pay the new rent

Youtuber Dora Figueiredo went viral on social media after posting a sequence of videos explaining why she left the rented apartment she renovated during the pandemic.

According to reports, Dora reveals that she paid for the renovation of the property, but had to return it after the owner increased the rent “absurdly”.

The story became a “saga” among Internet users and ended up in the trending topics of X (formerly Twitter) this Tuesday (5). “My dream turned into a nightmare and ended up being the biggest waste of money of my life”, began Dora in episodes shared on TikTok.

The story is detailed by the youtuber, who decided to renovate the apartment after being inspired by another blogger.

“It was in the middle of the pandemic and I felt like I had to make my dreams come true, because the world was going to end at any moment. That’s when I remembered a post on the internet by a famous blogger who was renovating her apartment and I said: man, that’s it. I want this life,” she said.


Who remembers the Colorful Apartment project? I finally managed to put an end to this dream that turned into a nightmare yesterday! That’s why I decided to tell you the truth about everything that happened during this project, including why you keep asking me about it for a long time now! Are you excited for part 2? #ApartamentoColorido

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According to Dora, her intention was to buy the property after the renovation, but she did not leave the agreement recorded in any contract.

“They decided to increase the value absurdly, and one of the things that made this apartment more valuable was the work that I paid for. It got heavy for me, I don’t have the money for it and I’m going to have to move”.

The youtuber also comments that the entire renovation was supposed to last only three months, but she ended up paying rent for a year without living in the place.

“Works are delayed, it was the middle of the pandemic, I totally understand this fact. But there was a failure in communication that I haven’t been able to identify until today, not least because assistance after the work was basically non-existent. The three months became six months, and six months became a year. I was living in a 14m² apartment with my little dog without being able to move here because the work was not complete”.


What was the worst idea you guys ever had? Without a doubt mine was renovating a rented apartment. I took this decision because I was promised a partnership to carry out the work project that did not happen and now I feel responsible for sharing with you everything I went through, because even though everything went wrong I still had the privilege of having help from amazing brands, but I know that many people don’t have that opportunity. I’ll talk more in part 3, anxious? #ApartamentoColorido

♬ original sound – Dora Figueiredo

Partnerships with the project

According to the youtuber, the agreement was to carry out the renovation in partnership with an architecture firm, but she says she was charged before the project started. “But that’s ok, plans change and I decided to keep going. I was completely in love with everything and I really wanted to make this dream come true. Delays in work happen, but that was not all. They had several problems during and, mainly, after the reform was already done”, she says, who says she faced maintenance problems in the house.

“I had several problems. And then I started to realize that this was a scenario. A beautiful setting, a beautiful setting to take pictures and videos. But not to live. The electrical part looks like it was done haphazardly, because to this day there are lights that don’t turn on and a light fixture attached with adhesive tape”, she says.

In addition, Dora comments that she always wanted to have a jacuzzi and the company said that it would be possible. “They did an entire electrical project. I used it and received a judicial notice from the building, saying that I could not have that pool, as it could cause problems in the structure of the building. I’m not a professional in the field, I had no way of knowing”.


Have you already done work? How it was? This work traumatized me so much that I will never do a work like this again in my life! Have you ever been through chaotic works? This is quite common, the problem is that on the internet everything is perfect and I got tired of pretending to have the perfect apartment. #ApartamentoColorido

♬ original sound – Dora Figueiredo

“It really turned into chaos in my life. Now, finally, I’m going to give this apartment back and it won’t be mine anymore. But at the same time that it is a relief in my life, it is the closing of a very traumatic cycle, ”she concluded.

But, after all, what is possible to accomplish in a rented apartment?

Law nº 8.245/91, also known as the Tenancy Law, provides for the leasing of urban properties and the relevant procedures. In that law, it is possible to verify all the rights and duties, both of the lessee and the lessor, as explained by the lawyer specialized in the civil area, Eduardo Giaquinto, to CNN.

“It is important that there is always a complete inspection of the property, in order to avoid inconveniences during the lease, as well as to protect yourself when returning the property, considering that the property must be delivered in the same conditions in which it was rented, including the painting of the property”, he says.

Respecting the legal provisions, the tenant may make improvements to the property, provided that it has been previously agreed between the parties contractually.

“This is because, in relation to the necessary improvements, these can be carried out without the consent of the lessor, as long as the need for prior consultation and authorization by the owner is not foreseen in the contract. In relation to the so-called useful improvements, which aim to improve the rented property, but which are not essential, they can only be made in case of express authorization from the owner”, he explains.

As a way to avoid conflicts, Eduardo emphasizes that it is important to always consult the landlord before carrying out any type of improvement.

“Furthermore, in the case of useful improvements carried out without the lessor’s authorization, upon delivery of the apartment, the lessee may be required to remove all improvements to be returned in the same state in which the property was rented or the owner may accept the property with the improvements made, but without any obligation to pay compensation”, he clarifies.

What improvements can be made to a property?

There are three types of improvements that can be carried out in the property, namely: necessary, useful and voluptuous improvements.

To the necessary improvements have as scope the conservation of the property or even prevent its deterioration. This would be the case with electrical wiring, for example. For this type of improvement, the owner cannot refuse and must bear the costs for carrying out the service.

already the useful improvements , which aim to improve the property, require prior approval from the landlord. Like, for example, installing a cover on the porch for rainy days.

Finally, regarding the voluptuous improvements which seek to beautify the property or bring more comfort, these also require prior authorization from the landlord, otherwise they will not be accepted at the time of delivery or even not occur any type of compensation on the part of the owner.

Can the lessor increase the rent due to renovations carried out by the lessee?

“The Tenancy Law establishes in its article 17 that the rent agreement is “free”, as well as that “in residential leases, the readjustment criteria provided for in the specific legislation will be observed”, explains the lawyer.

In this sense, the rent adjustment can only be made every twelve months, under the terms stipulated in the contract, and the change in their values ​​is usually defined by market indices and not based on improvements made to the property.

“Therefore, the lessor cannot increase the rent based on renovations carried out by the lessee while the lease agreement is in force. However, if the contract ends and the lessee intends to stay in the property, the lessor may agree on a new rental price, which may or may not be accepted by the lessee,” says Giaquinto.

Regarding the index used for adjustment, Eduardo argues that, normally, lease contracts adopt the IGPM or IPCA over the period foreseen for adjustment, which can be positive or negative throughout the year.

Are you renovating a rental property? Below, check out the lawyer’s tips

  • It is important that the landlord and the tenant are always in contact before any reform or improvement to be carried out in the property;
  • To the lessee, always read the lease agreement before carrying out any improvement, in order to verify restrictions imposed by the lessor and accepted by the lessee at the time of formalizing the contract;
  • To the lessee, maintain the property so that it stays as close to what you received;
  • For the landlord, ensure that the entire structural part of the property has housing conditions;
  • For both parties involved, have everything documented.

Source: CNN Brasil

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