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DOU registers recommendation to include Petrobras in study for privatization

O Official Diary of the Union (DOU) this Tuesday (7) published the resolution of the Council of the Investment Partnerships Program (CPPI) that recommends the inclusion of Petrobras in the program’s project portfolio for “studies and actions necessary for the evaluation of privatization”.

The resolution was deliberated in a meeting of the PPI last week.

As reported by EstadãoBroadcast, the Council’s recommendation needs to be accepted by the President of the Republic to be confirmed.

With this, President Jair Bolsonaro will have to edit a decree to formalize the state-owned company’s entry into the PPI. Only after this act, studies for the privatization of the oil company can be formally initiated.

According to the resolution, the government also institutes an inter-ministerial committee to coordinate studies on the privatization of the company.

The group will be composed of three representatives from the Ministry of Economy, which will coordinate it, and three from the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

“The Interministerial Committee will have a term of sixty days, counting from the date of its establishment, renewable for equal periods by act of the Chairman of the Board of the Investment Partnership Program”, says the resolution.

Source: CNN Brasil

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