Double family tragedy: 19-year-old daughter hanged, 44-year-old mother dies of overdose

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The tragic details of a double family tragedy in Britain are coming to light. A mother and a 19-year-old daughter she was found dead within a short time.

Daughter Rhianne Halton gave birth to her second son during the lockdown. The 19-year-old was hanged at her home on May 10 last year, a few days after she gave birth to the child after an argument with her partner.

Less than three weeks later, Jeanette Whittle’s mother died of overdose drugs. The court was told that the 44-year-old took the drugs “to erase from her memory the suicide of her daughter”.

Bereft Barbara and Graham Whittle buried their daughter and granddaughter together.

According to the authorities, Rhianne allegedly had a history of mental illness caused by “the difficult childhood”. It was her grandparents who raised her while she was bullied by her classmates who knew about her mother’s drug addiction.

“Her death was a shock. “I knew she had postpartum depression but she would not let me go to the doctors because she was worried her children would take her,” her grandmother told the Daily Mail.

The 44-year-old mother died of an overdose on May 29, 2020. Speaking of her daughter, Ms. Whittle noted: “She tried to quit drugs but in the end she did not succeed. He really loved Rhianne, but he could not take care of her. They both came here every Sunday for dinner before the lockdown. “They both loved the boys.”

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