Doug, the largest potato in the world, will be sent for DNA testing

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THE “Doug” is the largest potato in the world. Some, however, dispute that it is a genuine potato and so it was planned to undergo a DNA test to determine if it is genetically modified. The biggest potato in the world is scheduled to be screened in Scotland.

A piece of “Doug” was sent to the genetic testing site to determine if it meets the requirements for the official Guinness World Record. The tuberous plant weighs 7.9 kilograms, about the same weight as a microwave oven, and was discovered on a farm near Hamilton, New Zealand.

The married couple Colin and Donna Craig-Brown were organizing their vegetable garden in August when they met the beastly plant.

Doug was sent for a test but he is not in his best shape

Currently, the holder of the Guinness World Record for the largest potato was found in Nottinghamshire and weighs 4.99 kg, the same weight as an average male cat.

Despite a lengthy 128-page application for the recorder contest, the couple decided to proceed with the process.

The couple has submitted the application form and “Doug” proof videos on a scale, as well as verification by a soil and crop expert to confirm that “Doug” is definitely a potato.

The next step in the process is to send “Doug” for DNA test, in order for the potato to enter the Guinness record. Colin said of the lengthy application: “Do they think I genetically modified it? Although it is now somewhat deflated I want to prove to them that they are wrong. We will do whatever they ask us… so at the end of the day, they can say yes or no “.

Although, since they sent the sample to the lab, their favorite “Doug” was not in the best shape.

Fortunately, the potato still looks just as weird and wonderful as before, “it just got lighter”.

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