Dove Cameron talked about how difficult it was to come out

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Last year Dove Cameron was inundated with criticism after posting the video for We belong, one of the songs that makes up the soundtrack of After 2. The accusation is that he did “queerbaiting” that is to have exploited themes and battles dear to the community LGBTQ+ to get more visibility. In fact, in the video, the phrases of the song composed silhouettes of couples of various kinds kissing. An accident that turned into an occasion why the singer took the opportunity to come out as a queer person.

As he recently said, he was particularly afraid of this moment: “For years I have done nothing but postpone because I felt I could not talk about it openly, although I was aware that the sensitivity on the subject had changed a lot over the years”. But in the end, courage prevailed over fear and he decided to finally show himself as he really is, especially for his fans. “It was something too big to bear – he continued – and in fact I have always left clues about my sexuality, but I was never able to really open up”.

The choice of calling oneself queer is also very specific. In the desire to be free from conventions and labels, she prefers to present herself to others in this way and not as bisexual, a description that no longer represents her. «People evolve, change and grow and with them also the language they use to talk about themselves. My coming out doesn’t just mean exposing myself about who I like or who I want to sleep with, but it is above all showing myself as I am ». A real turning point because, now, Dove Cameron “She really loves herself.”

The inspiration to take this step came from looking at people he values ​​highly, like Kristen Stewart, Cara delevingne e Ben Platt. And she wants to be the same for others: she said, in fact, that she constantly receives messages from her followers and fans who, prompted by her words, have decided to come out. “I have created a community where everyone can feel safe”.

And we could only be happier: support and support in such a delicate moment is essential.

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